Dismantling and relocation

WORLDtechnix Company specializes in complex services including disassembling, relocation and assembly of machinery, industrial installation, production lines and industrial properties.

We are international

We operate in Europe, Asia and the Americas, enabling our clients relocation of machinery to any chosen destination.

Rich experience

Thanks to our vast experience and ability to adjust to our clients’ needs we manage to fulfill all commissioned tasks in an efficient and timely manner.

Our company offers comprehensive services in the field of dismantling, relocation and installation of new and used factories, production lines, manufacturing and industrial installations. Besides a comprehensive relocation we also provide all services related to the modernization of machinery and maintenance. We make every effort to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the level of our services.

We offer our customers

- Dismantling of industrial plants
- Dismantling of industrial equipment
- Dismantling lines
- Dismantling production lines
- Dismantling machines
- Relocation of industrial plants
- Relocation of industrial equipment
- Relocations lines
- Relocation of production lines
- Relocation of machinery
- Installation of industrial
- Installation of industrial equipment
- Assembly lines
- Installation of production lines

- Assembly machines
- Electrical installations
- Installation of hydraulic
- Installation of gas
- Installation of steam
- Installation of power in the media
- Installation of power
- Installation of industrial lines
- Installation of machines
- Transfers of factories around the world
- Transfers of individual machines worldwide
- Transfer devices transfers production lines in the world
- Preparation for transport

- Professional loading container
- Security equipment for transport by land, air and sea
- Road transport, air and sea
- Electric welding and gas
- Construction of foundations and foundations in the installation of machines and production lines
- Scrapping machines
- The needs of the customer verify the technical documentation
- Preparation of documentation before dismantling
- Preparation of documentation during assembly and disassembly
- Built documentation

We have the necessary tools to perform the relocation of machinery and equipment

- Sets trucks to transport machines
- Siphon mechanical and hydraulic
- Forklifts and platform
- Hydraulic
- Self-propelled platforms
- Specialist equipment

All our employees are qualified engineers, technicians and mechanics holding a valid training

To handle trucks:
- forklift
- coaster
- Platformer
- Work telescopic
- Self-propelled bridges
- SEP - Supplies and surveillance
- UDT- to work with cranes and gantries
- Powers hook
- Welding

Our references

We are proud to have an extensive portfolio of references from our business partners. A large number of satisfied customers testify to the quality of our services.

For references, plase contact usy by email.


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